Nikita Kadan

born 1982 in Ukraine,
lives and works in Kiev.

Since 2004, member of the group R.E.P. (Revolutionary Experimental Space) and one of the founders of the curatorial collective Hudrada (since 2008). The early works of Kadan conveyed social criticism and the postulate of art’s direct impact on reality. His recent works focus rather on reflection on the concept of the museum and its links to history.

‘Untitled (Political Natural History Department)’ is a kind of historical diorama, a 3D mock-up (produced with various techniques), popular in the 19th century museums, which usually serves the educational purpose of presenting historic events and natural phenomena. Kadan uses this forgotten format to show the recent events in Ukraine. Addressing the Soviet tradition of building local museums and cultural infrastructure, the artist focuses on the Museum of Natural History in Donetsk, destroyed during the recent fighting with the separatists, as well as the evacuation of the National Art Museum in Kiev in the immediate vicinity of the Maidan, a case that stirred media attention. Stuffed animals standing behind a barricade of wooden planks and tyres are a reminder of the destroyed museums and works of art – venues and objects that cannot contradict the reality of war.

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