Ali Cherri

born 1976 in Lebanon,
lives and works in Paris and Beirut.

Cherri is a video, installation and performance artist. His works have been exhibited by the most prominent art institutions worldwide and at numerous film festivals: Berlinale, Rotterdam International Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. In his work Cherri deals with the analysis of the film image and its relation to violence, as well as the status and structure of the archive. His projects in the form of poetic film essays often rely on footage he has found and various archival material.

“Demembrement” is an amputated wing that testifies to the inevitable natural disasters already underway in slow motion. In an echo to the film “The Disquiet” these dismembered crow wings create an unsettling although poetic atmosphere. What this post-apocalyptic image makes visible is the chaos of a world in decline. The wings without birds resonate the words of Walter Benjamin in his text on The Destructive Character: ‘What exists he reduces to rubble – not for the sake of rubble, but for that of the way leading through it.’

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